Hey There!

My name is Alicia. I have a special place in my soul for animals, craft beer and comedy. I can speak, read and write in Spanish and have a knack for languages.

I’m a recent graduate from Florida International University, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, specifically, Digital Media Studies (minoring in anthropology & sociology). Along the way I have discovered things about myself and others, equipping me with a mental map of where I am socially and what it is I am supposed to be doing with my life… but don’t be fooled, I still have a long way to go.

I refuse to be defined by my salary, gender or beliefs. Instead, people should be defined not only by what they do, but also their intentions for doing it.

If we’re exchanging our hopes and dreams here,  I hope my office will be located off the beaten path; my colleagues will be men and women with worldly aspirations and insights; my clients will be those who believe in making a difference; my salary will be measured by my passion and drive. My dreams are not fueled by income, instead by outcome: the need to do something better for those around me.

Eventually, I would like to put my digital media knowledge to work with my own publication with a sociological take on it as it focuses on global issues. As a capstone project, and with the help of my classmates, we were able to build a prototype of what this would look like.

Writing for Disfrutar Magazine, a Spanish-language publication dedicated to the Hispanic-American, as well as freelance for Coral Gables Community Magazine, gave me a taste of an ideal career path; but if you had to ask what my dream job would be… starting my own non-profit and driving policy change would be a top choice; although a stint writing and traveling for National Geographic wouldn’t be too bad either!

This blog was created for the purpose of a summer course in 2014 but has transformed into a site where I can showcase my endeavors as a budding professional, eager student and exuberant individual.

Hopefully, I create a space that is entertaining and insightful, and documents my progress as I learn new skills and develop my professional career.

Join me.


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